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Topic Series

Read about the Topic Series: News, and Other Commodities"News, and Other Commodities"
October-December 2015

Examines the tricky question of "value" when applied to news, basic company information, basic "people" information and the like.

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FreePint Topic: Sources Sources
Stay informed and aware about sources for business research.
FreePint Topic: Technology Technology
Improve the connections between technology and content.
FreePint Topic: Value Value
Maximise the value of information work and investments in information.


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The platform where we publish our research-based insights as case studies, product reviews and strategic guidance through articles, reports and webinars.
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19th Nov 2015

"FreePint Research into Private Company Information" and "Product Overview - Bridger Insight XG"

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Surveys Reveal Concerns about Reliability of and Access to Information

25th November
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Showcasing Innovative Information Centres Across the World

23rd November

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ROI articles are really helpful when looking to demonstrate the value of information."

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