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Click to read this articleProduct Review of Infotrieve's Mobile Library: Sources, Content and Coverage
Wednesday 16th April

The second part of Sophie Alexander's review of Infotrieve's Mobile Library looks at the wealth of scientific, technical and medical (STM) content available in ... Read more

Click to read this articleProduct Review of Infotrieve's Mobile Library: Introduction & Contact Details
Tuesday 15th April

Mobile Library is a cloud-based eContent and document management platform from Infotrieve. In the first part of her review, Sophie Alexander introduces the ... Read more

Click to read this reportFreePint Report: Product Review of Brandwatch
Tuesday 15th April

Brandwatch is a powerful social media monitoring and analysis tool supporting a wide range of job roles within the enterprise. It offers sophisticated search ... Read more

Click to read this articleQ&A with Bloomfire: Making Knowledge Sharing Easy
Monday 14th April

James Mullan interviews Trey Tramonte, president of Bloomfire, to discover how Bloomfire helps organisations create, share and organise content in a single ... Read more

Click to read this articleProduct Review of Brandwatch: Value, Development & Pricing
Monday 14th April

In the final part of his review, author Chris Porter assesses how the Brandwatch service distinguishes itself from other offerings in the crowded social media ... Read more

Click to read this reportFreePint Report: The Social Enterprise
Monday 14th April

This collection of FreePint articles on the topic of making organisations more socially adept covers those included in the FreePint Topic Series: The Social ... Read more

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