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AIIP 2004The conference of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) took place in Austin, Texas, USA, in April 2004.

FreePint's William Hann attended to talk about the Willco Modules community hosting system. His presentation is available online.

Click on the AIIP logo to find out more about the benefits of AIIP membership.

Click photos for larger versions ...
We'll start with a photo of the new board of AIIP directors for the coming year. Click for larger version
Great to see Net Snippets exhibiting. Why not try out the Net Snippets software? Click for larger version
Trip Wyckoff of Special Issues introduces their valuable service to Robin Neidorf of Electric Muse. Click for larger version
Michelle Bate from the UK wins the Myra T. Grenier Award as a new member showing potential to contribute to the profession. Presented by Suzanne Sabroski, Sabroski & Associates. Click for larger version
William Hann (Willco, FreePint), Cynthia Shamel (outgoing AIIP President; Shamel Information Services) and Pam Wegmann (outgoing Past President). Click for larger version
A very amusing evening at Esther's Follies. Well worth a visit next time you're in Austin. Click for larger version
Always being bothered by the Paparazzi. Click for larger version
Lorraine from Factiva, with free headphones to support their online Factiva Learning Programs. Click for larger version
AskSam were another popular exhibitor, and always willing to help out. Click for larger version
Lots of great food, fun and friends throughout the conference. Click for larger version
Plenty of door prizes to be won. Everyone loves two things:
(1) Prizes
(2) Freebies. Maybe 'FreePint' should be renamed 'FreePrizes' -- irresistible.
Click for larger version
FreePint is now the proud owner of its very own Librarian Action Figure, courtesy of our friends at Special Issues. Click for larger version
Valerie Matarese was the very lucky winner of an iPod from Factiva. Click for larger version
Owen O'Donnell being outrageous on the Information Today stand. Click for larger version
Mary Ellen Bates (incoming AIIP President, and principal of Bates Information Services), John Bryans (book division editor for Information Today) and Marydee Ojala (Editor, Online magazine). Click for larger version
Marcy Phelps of Phelps Research with the stand dedicated to marketing delegates at the conference. FreePint beermats/coasters were just one of the many great freebies. Click for larger version
Conference Coordinator Theresa Buiel and Dee Richardson celebrate a job very well done. Click for larger version
Various AIIP members, including photographer Mark Goldstein of the International Research Center who supplied many of these photos. Click for larger version
Not sure we want any more 'barbecue' after having it for 7 meals, but thank goodness for wireless access in the hotel. Click for larger version
John Bryans and Marydee Ojala Click for larger version
John Bryans meeting his idol, musician Ray Wylie Hubbard, at a late-night gig. Click for larger version
Austin's famous 6th Street was closed for the duration for a street fair with a wide range of street fare. Click for larger version
Conference delegates enjoying lunch in the impressive Omni foyer, an excellent venue. Click for larger version
Pam Wegmann and Cynthia Shamel surrounding Bland O'Connor, AIIP administrator. Click for larger version
All-in-all a smashing conference and a valuable opportunity to re-affirm contacts and friendships from across the pond. Click for larger version

Captions invited ...
What is John thinking? What has Suzanne just said to him? What is the lady on the left looking at? Click for larger version
Caption submitted ...

John, what do you mean you already have a librarian action figure!

You said if we found one you would eat it!

Thank you. Submissions now closed.

Photos courtesy of Mark Goldstein, International Research Center, and Valerie Matarese, Up To InfoTechnologies. Thank you indeed.

Further AIIP conference photos on the site.

If attendees/organisers have comments or additional photos, please contact <>.