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Order from Chaos:
Making sense of enterprise search and
choosing the tools to do it

FreePint Publishes New Report by Martin White:

"Enterprise Search Guidebook", September 2005

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Enterprise Search Guidebook

If you want an enterprise search software system that works 'like Google', you aren't alone. The immense amount of data and information available on intranets and enterprise-wise systems represents a significant knowledge asset-base ... if only we could find out what we know.

Yet significant differences between the way a web search engine functions on the back-end and the way enterprise and intranet IT systems are designed make it challenging to select, configure and deploy effective enterprise-wide search. At the same time, successful implementation and adoption require an IT manager to pay careful attention to the specific needs of various user groups as well as gaining buy-in (and budget) from corporate leadership.

"Enterprise Search Guidebook", authored by Martin White, Managing Director of Intranet Focus Limited and a 30-year veteran of information retrieval in all its evolution, takes the reader through the key considerations and decision-points for any organisation considering an enterprise-wide search engine. The Guidebook provides a primer on search engine functionality, how users search, the importance of taxonomy and classifications, and criteria for software selection. It pays equal attention to the non-technical side of success: building a business case for enterprise-wide search and using worker input to design interfaces and reports that meet their needs.

What you know may be lost within your intranet; what you don't know about enterprise search can be the starting point for finding it.

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Information for Editors

"Enterprise Search Guidebook"
Martin White / Free Pint Limited, September 2005 ISBN 1-904769-10-1

Price: GBP39 for a single site, or GBP117 for multiple sites

Review copies can be made available to verified members of the industry press; please enquire.

To arrange an interview with the author, please contact:

William Hann Managing Editor, FreePint
e: t: 0870 141 7474 i: +44 870 141 7474

About Martin White

Martin White is Managing Director of Intranet Focus Limited. He specializes in intranet strategy development and the specification and selection of content management software applications, and has worked in over 25 countries. His experience in information retrieval dates back to the mid-1970s.

Martin is the author of "The Content Management Handbook" and is the Chairman of the Online Information Conference and a regular columnist on intranet issues for both Econtent and Intranets. Later this year he is presenting a seminar on intranet search at the Nielsen Norman User Experience workshops in Boston and London.

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